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Seeking a Werewolf the Apocalypse game

I am an experienced roleplayer, 28 years old, who has mostly been a DM/ST and would now like to spend some time as a player to refresh his creativity. I am willing to do just about anything in this setting but I have a tendency to favor lupus and metis; Theurges and Galliards; and the Red Talon, Stargazer, Fenrir, Fianna, Silver Fang, and Bone Gnawer tribes (odd mix, I know.)


I prefer Revised rules but I'm very flexible and willing to work with whatever the ST wants to do. I own the core book for all three editions (although I won't swear to being able to FIND them all at any given time, LOL), as well as a large collection of supplements including the player's guide, Hengeyokai, Croatan Song and Werewolf Dark Ages revised.


Please reply to this post or email me at if you are running or about to start a chronicle and need a player!

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A few months ago I finished my Hunter: The Vigil campaign with a great group. It was their first time doing tabletop, and everything went pretty well. They caught on quickly, and are pretty damn good roleplayers.

In January I started a Vampire: The Requiem campaign, and I took on two new roleplayers. One was a girl who only played D&D and was skeptical about giving WoD a try, but since then has developed into a decent roleplayer. The other.. has given me a host of problems.

It started out with him continuously interrupting me or other players on the first session to ask questions or to say what his character is doing (before I finished describing the scene). At times he'd interrupt other character's dialogue to have his character leave and do something on his own. After this session, I told him he needs to learn to be more patient and to stop interrupting so much, point blank. Since then he's drastically improved, in the fact that he doesn't interrupt every five minutes or less, but he still does it periodically. Frankly I'm getting tired of having to wrestle control from him. Immediately he'll assume what status he has to use for his dice pool only for me to curtly remind him that it is -my- job to determine that, thanks very much. Several times in a session I'll have to tell him "NO META" when he tries to tell other characters what they should do when his character isn't even in a scene (and he likes to have his character go off on his own very often).

But the worst thing is this. He keeps trying to hide behind his character concept, saying that his character has a sort of face that no one remembers, that his character is so unassuming people tend to forget him and who he is.

In one session, he murdered a security guard in the lobby of a hospital. In the last session, he took out a tommy gun in the street, and while trying to escape a cop (and getting shot several times in the legs), he kept healing himself to get up and run again.

NPCs have explained to him several times the importance of the Masquerade, but his character won't listen and he keeps insisting OOCily that no one should be able to remember his character anyway.

I'm very interested in some advice to deal with this problem player, because as things are going, the Prince is going to stop being so generous and just tear his head off.