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wod_lj's Journal

World of Darkness
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This is a Community based around the World of Darkness, a series of horror roleplaying games put out by White Wolf. These include...

Vampire: the Masquerade
Werewolf: the Apocalypse
Mage: the Ascension
Wraith: the Oblivion
Changeling: the Dreaming


Hunter: the Reckoning

They also include numerous 'side-games', such as Kindred of the East, Mummy: the Resurrection, and other subsidaries.

This community also covers such games as Trinity, Aberrant, and the soon to be released Adventure! However, the primary reason for it is discussion of the World of Darkness -- if sufficent discussion takes place on the Aeoniverse games, then I'll create a new community for those games or encourage someone else to do such.

This community is maintained (such as it is) by brandonq. Contact him if you have any trouble.
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